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International Meteor Conference 2002

Dear IMO members,

        it is just 2 weeks past the recent IMC in Cerkno, Slovenia, which I heard was a very well organized meeting. I would like to thank Mihaela and all other involved people very much for their effort! It is great to see that the interest in this meeting continues.
Normally the Council decides at the end of an IMC about the location and time of the following conference. In 2001, we had 2 proposals: one from the Jordan (JAS) and another one from Poland.
Currently it seems difficult to estimate how many participants would travel to the Middle East next year. Unfortunately, no members of the JAS were present at the IMC 2001 to give further information. The other proposal did not meet all aspects outlined in the guidelines. (I will make the guidelines accessable on the net in the next days - see: aipsoe.aip.de/~rend/imc-guidelines.html)
Hence no decision was made and the deadline for submission of proposals was set to October 31, 2001 - not only for the 2 groups who already submitted their proposal, but also to others who feel that they could organize an appropriate IMC in 2002.
Please send your proposal with respective information about the location, date and raw budget to president@imo.net by October 31, 2001.


Juergen Rendtel
IMO President

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